Letter of Reference from acting student Natalja Joselewitsch
(Natalja Joselewitsch, acting student at the College of Music and Theater, Leipzig)

"After my first year at drama school I searched for an acting workshop for the vacation and Bettina was highly recommended to me.

Looking back I can say that the week in which I got to know the "Susan-Batson-Method" was one of the most intensive and formative acting experiences for me so far. It opened totally new doors for me and for my perspective on acting in itself.

Through this method I experienced for the first time how you can bring a character, in all its facets, to life and then really feel, think and act in this character. Additionally the workshop provided me with a very good opportunity to gain access to my personal memories and to purposefully apply these to my characters.

With her enthusiasm for this method, her untiring and infectious energy and her very professional running of the workshop, Bettina gave me the confidence to be able to engage myself in this formerly unknown area right from the beginning. There was not a second in which I had the feeling of having been left alone.

I have also continuously been able to use many aspects of the "Susan-Batson-Method" in my character work at drama school and I still benefit today from what I learnt. I am very pleased to have done this workshop and I hope that I will be able to work regularly with Bettina in the future."