Letter of Reference from the Actress Ursula Doll (Zürich Playhouse, among others)

"I have taken part in Bettina’s workshops and been coached by her in a variety of very different roles.

I believe I will be eternally thankful to Bettina that I got to know the Susan Batson Method through her.

Through this, a new dimension of acting opened itself up to me. I discovered what it means to really bring a character to life.

I used to think that these Strasberg exercises just help you to ‘empathize’, but Bettina gave me a comprehensive method of creating characters. This process is endlessly surprising and very enjoyable throughout both the highs and the lows.

Bettina’s commitment and passion know no bounds - she is absolutely reliable, even in crises and complicated situations. And she has the invaluable capacity to explain things very concretely and precisely without personal judgement."